Qingzhou Shengrongyuan Gear Co , Ltd.

Address: First Shidai Road No.1658, Economic Development Zone, Qingzhou City Shandong Province
Moblile phone: 13791879003
Contact Person:Mr Qi (the manager)

Enterprise Spirit: strive for prosperity, reform and innovation, hard work, teamwork
Our company sticks firmly to the development concept, and seeks faster, higher and better development ideas and orientations by striving for prosperity, reform and innovation, hard work and teamwork. Only by giving the personnel an accurate career anchor can their positivity, initiative and pioneering enthusiasm be fully mobilized.

Management Philosophy: quality first, customer first, sincere service
Being an integral part of enterprise culture, management philosophy is the value orientation of management. Only by adhering to the principle of ¡°quality first, customer first, sincere service¡± can the company unites and governs operating value of the staff action.

Enterprise Core Value: unity, pragmaticism, innovation and development
Unity is the life of our company, a necessity for the company¡¯s progressive development
Pragmatic¡¯s manifestation in the company staff is ¡°steadfast work and honest character¡±
Innovation refers to the capacity that allows the company to look for ideal opportunities and enjoys constant development in the fierce market competition.
Development is the pith of an enterprise. Where there is no development, there is no enterprise life.

Enterprise Image: vigor, humanity, steadiness
Vigor: push forward the company¡¯s constant development and enhance its vigor with unceasing innovation
Humanity: ¡°putting people first¡± and cultural entrepreneurship is the foundation of business
Steadiness: practice makes perfect, seek wider cooperative space by steadfastly working for the customers


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 Qingzhou Shengrongyuan Gear Co , Ltd.
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 Contact Person:Mr Qi (the manager)

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